The fantastic army reached the sea

The fantastic army reached the sea

Our era is the Facts Age—an age of technology, engineering and research. The idea is an age through which empires are made not simply by military conquest, although because they build companies that take trading markets. We live within a great regarding corporate empires in which business innovators and leaders happen to be gathering vast fortunes. New discoveries are being made inside this sciences. New solutions are developed that will certainly transform existence, for better or worse yet.

It is definitely impossible to know where this hundred years will consider you. Will new advancements inside medicine and genetics improve human condition, or perhaps make it worse? Will new systems lead us better freedom and success, as well as create Orwellian devices of control? May a fresh Age of Query take mankind to often the Moon, Mars plus the moons of Jupiter and Saturn?

It’s hard to say. The future is unknowable. Nevertheless it can be molded by the activities you take now.

We understand brand-new technologies and breakthroughs will continue being made. Fresh leaders will emerge in operation, politics, science, medicine, executive, sports and the arts.

You will be one of these kinds of leaders. You can accomplish great things. Your lifetime could be the grand adventure—an significant section in this human epic.


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